nu_coincidence.neutrinos.icecube module

class nu_coincidence.neutrinos.icecube.IceCubeAlertsParams(hese_config_file: str, ehe_config_file: str)

Bases: ParameterServer

Parameter server for IceCube alerts where HESE and EHE simulations both require inputs.

For use with IceCubeAlertsWrapper

property ehe
property hese
class nu_coincidence.neutrinos.icecube.IceCubeAlertsWrapper(param_server)

Bases: IceCubeObsWrapper

Wrapper for simulation of HESE and EHE alerts.

property ehe_detector
property hese_detector
class nu_coincidence.neutrinos.icecube.IceCubeObsParams(detector: Dict[str, Any], atmospheric_flux: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None, diffuse_flux: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None, connection: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None)

Bases: ParameterServer

All the info you need to recreate a simulation of neutrinos in IceCube.

property atmospheric_flux
property connection
property detector
property diffuse_flux
classmethod from_dict(input: Dict[str, Any]) IceCubeObsParams
classmethod from_file(file_name: str) IceCubeObsParams
to_dict() Dict[str, Any]
write_to(file_name: str)
class nu_coincidence.neutrinos.icecube.IceCubeObsWrapper(param_server)

Bases: object

Abstract base class for IceCube-like observations.

property observation
class nu_coincidence.neutrinos.icecube.IceCubeObservation(energies: float, ra: float, dec: float, ang_err: float, times: float, selection: bool, source_label: int, name: str = 'icecube_obs')

Bases: object

Store the output of IceCube simulations.

ang_err: float
dec: float
energies: float
name: str = 'icecube_obs'
ra: float
selection: bool
source_label: int
times: float
class nu_coincidence.neutrinos.icecube.IceCubeTracksWrapper(param_server)

Bases: IceCubeObsWrapper

Wrapper for the simulation of track events.

property detector