nu_coincidence.blazar_nu.base module

class nu_coincidence.blazar_nu.base.BlazarNuAction(bllac_pop: PopsynthWrapper, fsrq_pop: PopsynthWrapper, nu_obs: IceCubeObsWrapper, name='blazar_nu_action')

Bases: object

Abstract base class for different actions that can be applied to blazar and neutrino observations e.g. coincidence checks or connected simulations.

property name
abstract write()
class nu_coincidence.blazar_nu.base.BlazarNuSim(file_name='output/test_sim.h5', group_base_name='survey', N=1, bllac_config: Optional[str] = None, fsrq_config: Optional[str] = None, nu_config: Optional[str] = None, nu_hese_config: Optional[str] = None, nu_ehe_config: Optional[str] = None, seed=1000)

Bases: Simulation

Abstract base class for blazar neutrino simulations.

run(parallel=True, n_jobs=4)