icecube_tools.detector.detector module

class icecube_tools.detector.detector.Detector

Bases: ABC

Abstract base class for a neutrino detector.

property angular_resolution
property effective_area
property energy_resolution
property period
class icecube_tools.detector.detector.IceCube(effective_area, energy_resolution, angular_resolution, period=None)

Bases: Detector

IceCube detector.

classmethod from_period(period: str)

Generate a detector from a period string of 2021 data release

class icecube_tools.detector.detector.TimeDependentDetector

Bases: ABC

property available_periods
property detectors
property periods
class icecube_tools.detector.detector.TimeDependentIceCube(detectors)

Bases: TimeDependentDetector

Class to organise a time-dependent detector.

classmethod from_periods(*periods)

Creates class instance with a detector model for each given data taking period. :param periods: Tuple of strings, available ones listed above. :return: TimeDependentIceCube instance.