icecube_tools.detector.energy_resolution module

class icecube_tools.detector.energy_resolution.EnergyResolution(filename, conditional=0, **kwargs)

Bases: EnergyResolutionBase

Muon neutrino energy resolution using public data. Makes use of the 2015 effective area release and its corresponding reader class.

Based on implementation by C. Haack (@chrhck).

classmethod from_dataset(dataset_id, fetch=True, **kwargs)

Load energy resolution from publicly available data.


dataset_id – Date identifying the dataset

e.g. “20181018” :param fetch: If true, download dataset if missing


Sample a reco/true energy given a true/reco energy.

supported_datasets = ['20150820']
class icecube_tools.detector.energy_resolution.EnergyResolutionBase

Bases: ABC

Abstract base class for energy resolution. Stores information on how the reconstructed energy in the detector relates to the true neutrino energy.

property reco_energy_bins
abstract sample()
property true_energy_bins
property values

A 2D histogram of probabilities normalised over reconstructed energy.

x-axis <=> true_energy y-axis <=> reco_energy