icecube_tools.neutrino_calculator module

class icecube_tools.neutrino_calculator.NeutrinoCalculator(sources, effective_area)

Bases: object

Calculate the expected number of detected neutrinos.

property effective_area
property source
class icecube_tools.neutrino_calculator.PhiSolver(effective_area, Enorm=100000.0, Emin=100.0, Emax=1000000000.0, time=1, min_cosz=-1.0, max_cosz=1.0)

Bases: object

For flexible calculation of point source fluxes that give a certain number of expected neutrinos in a detector.

class icecube_tools.neutrino_calculator.zSolver(Emin)

Bases: object

To calculate the redshift corresponding to a flux normalisation, for a given L and gamma.

get_L(rate, gamma)

Find luminosity for a given rate and index. This is useful as comparing constant L plots can be misleading.

  • rate – Total rate above Emin [s^-1]

  • gamma – Spectral index